Safe Handling of UF6 for a Clean Environment

ConverDyn and its parent companies take very seriously their responsibility of safeguarding the environment for the generations to come. We abide by all applicable health, safety and environmental laws in the various communities in which we operate, and work with regulators to develop the best practicable techniques for material handling and transport.

How we are ensuring the safety of our environment

Uranium hexafluoride does not react with oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or dry air, but it does react with water. For this reason, UF6 is always handled in leak tight containers and processing equipment. With proper consideration for its nuclear properties, UF6 may be safely handled in essentially the same manner as any other corrosive chemical.

Procedures and Systems

Procedures and systems for safe handling of UF6 have been developed and evaluated during more than 40 years of handling vast quantities of UF6. ConverDyn, in partnership with Honeywell-MTW personnel, works with transporters, regulators, safety experts and other converters to continue to ensure that our UF6 is produced and delivered to enrichment facilities with no negative impacts on the environment, or public health and safety.

Communicating Environmental Safety

The Honeywell-MTW plant makes awareness and communication of environmental and NRC regulations a priority. All employees have environmental and regulatory objectives, with overall plant goals set at zero environmental “Notice of Violations” (NOVs) and zero Nuclear Regulatory Commission violations.