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U3O8 Concentrate Weighing and Sampling

Weighing and sampling of uranium concentrates, U3O8, are critical steps. Honeywell-MTW weighing and sampling procedures, which conform to ASTM standards, help determine the purity of uranium concentrates and ensure compatibility with the Honeywell conversion process.

  • Uranium ore concentrates are received at the Metropolis Works Sampling Facility in U.S. Department of Transportation approved containers.
  • Individual drums are accurately weighed.
  • Drums are hydraulically lifted two at a time into the sampling augers.
  • The auger system obtains a representative sample from each lot by removing a very small sample of the uranium ore concentrates in each drum from a random section of the drum’s contents.
  • This material is then split, blended, ground and dried in order to prepare six 150 gram samples for analytical purposes (2 for Honeywell, 2 for the supplier and 2 for possible umpire use).
  • The analytical results must be agreed upon by Honeywell and the supplier prior to conversion.

U3O8 Specs

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