Our Product: Uranium Hexafluoride


The vast majority of nuclear power plants in the world are fueled by uranium that is enriched in the uranium-235 isotope. Uranium enrichment is accomplished by mechanically processing gaseous uranium hexafluoride, or UF6. Uranium mines around the world ship a uranium oxide (U3O8) concentrate known as yellowcake to our supply facility in Metropolis, Illinois, to be converted to UF6.

Honeywell's Metropolis Works (Honeywell-MTW) plant uses a dry fluoride volatility conversion process developed by Honeywell International that delivers a consistently high-quality product of 99.99% purity. The Honeywell process is the most environmentally sound process in use worldwide.

The Metropolis facility is capable of converting over 36 million pounds of U3O8 into UF6 annually.




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