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April 13 Metropolis Resumes UF6 Production
May 13 ConverDyn Completes ISO 9001:2008 Certification
Aug 20 ISO 9001 Certification Renewal for the Metropolis Works Conversion Plant
Jul 2 Metropolis Update
Jun 22 Metropolis Update
Oct 20 Competitive American Tails Upgrade Partnership
Aug 26 ISO 9001 Certification Renewal
Aug 08 Segregated Storage
Jul 20 Labor Negotiations Update
Mar 10 ConverDyn Predicts Adverse Impact on U.S. Conversion Industry
Apr 29 Notice of Labor Negotiations
Jun 25 Metropolis Contract Agreement
Jun 18 Metropolis Expansion Update (Link to photos)
May 29 Notice of Labor Negotiations
May 29 Retirement Announcement
May 15 Metropolis Conversion Plant License Renewal Issued
Apr 7 Metropolis Release
Aug 23 NRC Consider Renewal License Application
Jul 21 UF6 Cylinder Valves
May 31 Successful Emergency Response Drill
May 23 Honeywell NRC License Renewal Presentation 4/26/05
May 17 Scheduled maintenance shutdown successful
May 11 Upcoming emergency response drill
Jan 6 Lawsuit Filed in Illinois
May 4 Regarding On-line Swaps
Apr 26 Metropolis Plant Resumes UF6 Operations
Apr 14 Metropolis Plant Resumes Green Salt Operations
Mar 28 Metropolis Plant Resumes Ore Preparation Process
Mar 11 Update on Progress Towards Restart of Metropolis UF6 Operations
Feb 13 Update on Honeywell Action Plan to Resume UF6 Production
Jan 7 NRC and Honeywell Present Findings on UF6 Release
Dec 22 Metropolis Plant Reports UF6 Release
Oct 10 Update on Metropolis UF6 Operations
Sep 20 Metropolis Manufacturing Interruption
Jul 25 Minor HF Leak Reported at Metropolis Facility
Jan 15 ConverDyn Announces 10-Year Milestone

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