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Operational Excellence
Honeywell introduced Six Sigma as a powerful strategy to accelerate improvements in processes, products, and services, and to radically reduce manufacturing and/or administrative costs and improve quality. Honeywell has recently developed a new generation of Six Sigma, called Six Sigma Plus, that empowers its employees with the skills and tools necessary to create more value for its customers, and improve its processes, products, and services.

Honeywell infuses and sustains Six Sigma Plus in the culture at each of its work sites around the world and invests heavily in Six Sigma Plus learning for its employees.

Health and Safety Excellence
At any industrial facility, occupational health and safety is a significant concern. Honeywell-MTW works diligently to create a “zero-loss” safety culture by conducting preventive safety, loss prevention and occupational health programs, and requiring that equipment and operating practices meet all applicable regulatory requirements.

Security Excellence
Working with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Honeywell-MTW strives to establish systems that ensure the integrity of its facility and the safety of the surrounding community.

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