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Nuclear Power: Clean Energy for the Future

Electricity plays a critical role in today’s world, enhancing our productivity, comfort, safety, health, and economy. Many of us take it for granted that whenever we plug our gadgets into the wall socket, electricity will be there, giving little thought to where it comes from. There are many different ways to generate electricity - including coal, oil, gas, hydroelectric, nuclear, and solar. Each option has inherent advantages that merit consideration whenever there is a need for new electrical generation. Nuclear generated electricity is unique in that it addresses many of the short-comings of the other means for power generation. The use of nuclear power provides answers for many problems in the areas of the environment, safety, economics, reliability, sustainability, and even waste.

The World Nuclear Association provides a compelling argument for the need for future use of nuclear power in its autoessay “Energy for Sustainable Development,” excerpts of which are presented here, with minor additions. The full presentation is available at WNA autoessay.

Nuclear Power: Energy for Sustainable Development
(excerpts from WNA autoessay)

A Tide of Humanity: Meeting the global population energy needs
The Biosphere at Risk: The environmental impacts of fossil fuels
Preventing Catastrophic Climate Change: Cutting greenhouse gas emissions
Realism About Clean Energy: Renewables can help , but they are not enough
Strong Nuclear Policies: Nations commit to nuclear power
The Security of Nuclear Plants
Chernobyl: Myth versus Reality
Waste: Contained and Managed
Safety: A Superb Record
Economics and Reliability
Answering the Call for Sustainable Development


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